Nashville Comedy Logo Submission

MK Gannon and Kaylee Harmon feel truly lucky to be handed the reins of Nashville Standup and what will become Nashville Comedy. This means a brand new website with show calendars, open mic calendars, comic resources, and more. This will be the first stop for people seeking out the Nashville comedy events and we want to highlight just how badass everyone here is and what we are collectively working on to put Nashville on the map as a comedy city, not just a music city.

What We Want

A logo that is clean, modern, and speaks to what Nashville is all about. This will be included on all social media platforms and the new website, setting the tone for mood, colors, and style.

File Requirements

  • A high-resolution image that includes the name “Nashville Comedy”
  • Designed to be manipulated and edited as needed, optional transparent background, square and rectangular configurations.
  • An initial .png or .jpg file is fine, but we will need a .psd/.eps file ultimately.